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The news are good of the flour market.The prize retreat only a week topped 8 percent. In flour type "500" the reduction of the quote "sell" is 8,33%, from 400 to 366.67 BGN/ t excluding VAT; in a 700 - type reduction reached 8.85 percent - from 384 to 350 BGN / t excluding VAT. Without chenge quotations of flour remained type 1150 - 250 BGN / t excluding VAT.

This price adjustment of the flour goes in tight market of the wheat. Still no more applications for feed wheat price of 180 BGN / t and the Group B at a price 200 BGN /t excluding VAT.

Reflection of the global financial crisis on the cereal market

Within the International graen conference held in Egypt, the Vice-president of the USA consulting firm  RJ O'Brien, Mr. Zholt Vintse underline that the major negatives of the global finansial crisis is  reflected in a shortage of credit capital and relajively strong credit policy respect toproducers of agricultural products.


FAO forecasts reduction of cereals in 2009

World Organization for Agriculture and Food to the United Nation (FAO) predicts that world production of cereals im 2009 will be significantly lower than the record level of 2008=


Register of the mills in Bulgaria

We present  the mills in this register,which are not included in the register of the Union of bulgarian millers .


Analysis of the wheat market

There is a tendency of  decreasing  the wheat's prizes.There is a searching of the prizes 220-240 leva per ton for  the concluded deals,at the and of the month.


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