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The Union of Bulgarian miller (UBM) was established on the initiative of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Varna town, the first Congress was held from 17 to 23 February 1906, which is elected leadership of the Union - miller Board. In 1923 the press block of the Union is a newspaper 'Miller' and since 1930 comes publishing magazine 'Mill'. In 1906 by the initiative of the leadership of the Union of Bulgarian miller recovery initiative is to include under protection mills law to promote local industry (LPLI), which was established by Decree 134 of 20.12.1894 y.

The law which promote local industry gave a number of advantages to the mills under his protection: exemption from property tax and tax crafts, free imports of machinery, raw materials, reduction in the rate of trains with 35 percent; advantage in participating in government tenders and a concession in an area.

To improve the personnel potential By the initiative of UBM on the 15 th of September in 1925 years in Rousse opened Government secondary miller school with 5 years rate of studying to improve the personnel potential. By this way UBM existed until 1944, when state authorities constructed management and direction of the mill industry.

By the initiative of experts from mill industry on the 26 th of april in 1990 was hold Constituent Assembly of the Union of Bulgarian miller in order to restore the business to the existing 1944 Union. At the founding congregation adopted the Statute of UBM and elected governing bodies. The Statute was revised and adopted later by Record № 2 form the 26 of march in 1991 years ,on the basis of which Record 17315 from 1990 to the Court, by Decision №1 from the 13th of may in 1991 year registered a non-profit association ZLS in a name 'Union of Bulgarian miller' based in Sofia, the municipality 'Podujane',2 'Ilyo Voivoda' str. 2.For the management of the SBM has been selected Governing Council of 13 people with President Prof. Dr. ing. Veselin Tsokov Marinov. With Decisions № 3 and 4 of the corporate department of Court of the 13th of may in 2002 and the 30th of may in 2002 is changed the address of the headquarters – 4 'Pavlina Unufrieva 'Str –municipality 'Podujane'.

The objective of the Union is to serve to the specialists working in the mill industry in Bulgaria, to make unity in their aspirations and to work for recognition by the society and the state as representative of this society of specialists. To protect public prestige and professional interests people working in mill industry, to support training and approve ethical standards mill profession and to ensure for their observing. To creative initiative of its members in order to improve the processes related to technical progress in mill industry and related branches. To maintains links with similar organizations at home and abroad.

The Union is a member of BAHPI, BIA and the BCCI and participates actively in the ongoing events, seeking help to solve problems. Since 2006 UBM is a member of the European Association of miller - GAM.

In support of its members, the Union has developed and the DPP leadership for the implementation of HACCP system, which is available for use by members of the Union and the mills that are not members of the Union.

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